Eastern Kentucky University MBA Program
Welcome to Business Foundations

Several courses you will be starting this Fall assume prerequisite skills. Experience shows that students significantly lacking in these skills are at a major disadvantage relative to their peers. These online tutorials are designed to quickly provide you with the resources to develop these skills before the academic year begins.

There are four Business Foundations modules, each consisting of two assessments and an online tutorial to go with each assessment:

Economics and FinanceEconomicsabout 80 questions
Financeabout 40 questions
AccountingAccounting Fundamentalsabout 25 questions
Financial Accountingabout 60 questions
SpreadsheetsData Presentationabout 55 questions
Data Manipulationabout 35 questions
StatisticsPart 1about 40 questions
Part 2about 40 questions

This software is provided to allow you to identify areas where you might need additional instruction. To receive credit for a module, you must demonstrate competency in 80% of the skills in each area of the module's assessments.

As you work through each assessment we recommend you:

You will have as many opportunities as you need to re-take the assessor; these subsequent opportunities will only test you on skills that you have not yet been assessed as having mastered.